Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Comic book fan stereotypes based on their favourite creators

In the tradition of Lauren Leto's Stereotypes of readers based on their favourite authors ( here are:

Stereotypes of readers based on their favourite comic book creators*:

Comic stereotypes

Alan Moore:
90% = people who read Watchmen because Time/Rolling Stone/other magazine said they should. The other 10% = disgruntled former Stone Masons.

Warren Ellis:
People who find the 'Kill me' scene from Alien poignant.

Garth Ennis:
People who find Warren Ellis' stuff 'too fluffy'.

Brian Bendis:
Fans of David Mamet who still have their Spider-Man pyjamas.

Greg Rucka:
Fans of David Mamet who still have their Batman pyjamas.

Gail Simone:
Janet Evanovich fans who still have their Wonder Woman pyjamas.

Frank Miller:
People who think Jack Bauer is a real person. What? No, I'd never live in the city.

Scott McCloud:
People who would have a BA: Comics if it existed.

Will Eisner:
Frank Miller and Scott McCloud.

Matt Fraction:
Geeks who got hot.

Brian Wood:
Geeks who got into zines.

Ed Brubaker:
Fans of The Wire.

Brian Azzarello:
Fans of Wire and The Usual Suspects.

Steven Grant:
Fans of The Wire and The West Wing.

Brian Lee-O'Malley:
People who own an original Walkman and a NES.

Chynna Clugston-Major:
People who own a Walkman but never owned a Nintendo.

Kieron Gillen:
People who own a Walkman, a Nintendo and really want to sleep with Neil Gaiman fans. And made a zine about it.

Neil Gaiman:
Used to be: girls who read comics and goths. Now: everyone. Seriously. Can't swing a cat.

Jill Thompson:
People who treat their cats like people.

Stan Lee:
Fans of the Beatles.

Jack Kirby:
Fans of the Beatles from Revolver onwards.

Paul Pope:
Frank Herbert fans who cut their own hair and wish they could afford a subscription to Suicide Girls.

Jason Aaron:
People who thought the Sopranos was a little 'too fluffy'.

Chris Claremont:
People who can quote the Comic Book Guy.

Mark Waid:
People who can pick when the Comic Book Guy gets it wrong.

Jeph Loeb:
People who don't care when the Comic Book Guy gets it wrong.
Also: fans of 80s action flicks.

Leah Moore:
People who own a Walkman and a Tarot deck but never owned a Nintendo.

Hope Larson:
People who make their own t-shirts.

Chris Ware:
Laudenum/absinthe addicts who listen to Garrison Keilor.

Chris Sprouse:
Laudenum/absinthe addicts who don't read printed comics.

Mike Mignola:
Nick Cave/Tom Waits fans.

Koike and Kojima:
Frank Miller fans who have kids.

Mike Allred:
Monkees fans who make their own superhero costumes.

Mark Millar:
Quentin Tarantino fans who just bought new Superman pyjamas.

Grant Morrison:
Absinthe addicted fans of the Beatles from Revolver onwards who watch Days of Our Lives while on shrooms.

Geoff Johns:
People who still own all their superhero pyjamas. And just bought a new set.

*This list is not exhaustive, mostly contains writers, of print comics, and above all is meant to be a laugh. Any offense is completely unintended, and completely down to my lack of comedic ability.

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

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Well, don't you?

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You'd like him now. Less angry.


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Fresh bloods? Bloods? Are they suggesting that each of these players carry different blood? (I suppose technically, that's correct, and if you're being pedantic then you should be careful around technicalities. Also, it'll probably turn out that 'bloods' is more grammatically correct than 'blood', but it reads very awkwardly, so I'm sticking to it.) N

Thursday, March 12, 2009

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Very cool old magazine/gazette/publication. I'm not usually sentimental about the shift to digital production, but that this was produced by hand, for hobbyists, is impressive at least.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

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A little excessive, no?

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Drawn on the table mat of a pizza place we went to with my brother and C's sister.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

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So after all that time wondering why I can't get the auto-blogging thing to work on my phone, it turns out to be a spelling mistake in the email address. Unless, of course, this doesn't work...


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.