Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Comic book fan stereotypes based on their favourite creators

In the tradition of Lauren Leto's Stereotypes of readers based on their favourite authors ( here are:

Stereotypes of readers based on their favourite comic book creators*:

Comic stereotypes

Alan Moore:
90% = people who read Watchmen because Time/Rolling Stone/other magazine said they should. The other 10% = disgruntled former Stone Masons.

Warren Ellis:
People who find the 'Kill me' scene from Alien poignant.

Garth Ennis:
People who find Warren Ellis' stuff 'too fluffy'.

Brian Bendis:
Fans of David Mamet who still have their Spider-Man pyjamas.

Greg Rucka:
Fans of David Mamet who still have their Batman pyjamas.

Gail Simone:
Janet Evanovich fans who still have their Wonder Woman pyjamas.

Frank Miller:
People who think Jack Bauer is a real person. What? No, I'd never live in the city.

Scott McCloud:
People who would have a BA: Comics if it existed.

Will Eisner:
Frank Miller and Scott McCloud.

Matt Fraction:
Geeks who got hot.

Brian Wood:
Geeks who got into zines.

Ed Brubaker:
Fans of The Wire.

Brian Azzarello:
Fans of Wire and The Usual Suspects.

Steven Grant:
Fans of The Wire and The West Wing.

Brian Lee-O'Malley:
People who own an original Walkman and a NES.

Chynna Clugston-Major:
People who own a Walkman but never owned a Nintendo.

Kieron Gillen:
People who own a Walkman, a Nintendo and really want to sleep with Neil Gaiman fans. And made a zine about it.

Neil Gaiman:
Used to be: girls who read comics and goths. Now: everyone. Seriously. Can't swing a cat.

Jill Thompson:
People who treat their cats like people.

Stan Lee:
Fans of the Beatles.

Jack Kirby:
Fans of the Beatles from Revolver onwards.

Paul Pope:
Frank Herbert fans who cut their own hair and wish they could afford a subscription to Suicide Girls.

Jason Aaron:
People who thought the Sopranos was a little 'too fluffy'.

Chris Claremont:
People who can quote the Comic Book Guy.

Mark Waid:
People who can pick when the Comic Book Guy gets it wrong.

Jeph Loeb:
People who don't care when the Comic Book Guy gets it wrong.
Also: fans of 80s action flicks.

Leah Moore:
People who own a Walkman and a Tarot deck but never owned a Nintendo.

Hope Larson:
People who make their own t-shirts.

Chris Ware:
Laudenum/absinthe addicts who listen to Garrison Keilor.

Chris Sprouse:
Laudenum/absinthe addicts who don't read printed comics.

Mike Mignola:
Nick Cave/Tom Waits fans.

Koike and Kojima:
Frank Miller fans who have kids.

Mike Allred:
Monkees fans who make their own superhero costumes.

Mark Millar:
Quentin Tarantino fans who just bought new Superman pyjamas.

Grant Morrison:
Absinthe addicted fans of the Beatles from Revolver onwards who watch Days of Our Lives while on shrooms.

Geoff Johns:
People who still own all their superhero pyjamas. And just bought a new set.

*This list is not exhaustive, mostly contains writers, of print comics, and above all is meant to be a laugh. Any offense is completely unintended, and completely down to my lack of comedic ability.

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