Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Three mobile fail

So very angry with Three mobile right now.

Three SMS me today to inform me that a direct debit for last month's phone and (mobile) internet bill hadn't gone through.

It hadn't gone through because there wasn't enough money in the account at the time. There wasn't enough money in the account because we'd exceeded our downloads to the tune of $263.

Called to complain. Asked how it was reasonable to send out messages regarding late payments and yet not send out warning messages about going over download limits.

Answer: some customers found it annoying, so they removed the service for all customers.


The implication: this is not a techical consideration. Three can definitely send automated messages out reacting to information in databases (for example: late payments). They CHOOSE not to send out warnings about download limits.

Full disclosure and disclaimer:
- they are docking $50 from the bill
- they are charging me $16 next bill for failure to pay
- all views are mine and expressed in my capacity as a consumer and citizen
- I took my lunch break to deal with this

Argh. I find their position completely unreasonable. The $50 credit is something in the way of customer service, but in no way addresses the issue at hand.

Three could offer this service. If it annoys people, they could offer this service as an 'opt in' option.

I am seriously considering changing providers and also seriously considering taking my complaint further. I am not satisfied with the response I was given.

Ok, end rant, back to your regularly scheduled blah.


- blogged from the road.

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Phil & Bern said...

Oh my god. Exact same thing just happened to me. Had three for wireless internet, got like 3 x $400 bills in a row before I got off my arse and changed to Telstra. But unfort, still with 3 for mobile and same thing, Credit card exceeded so couldn't take bill from it. Then, they just simply cut my phone service. Fuckers. And they are so hard to get a hold of. Never, ever again. I know they all kind of suck, but 3 are the worst. Bern