Friday, January 19, 2007

Costa Rican real estate...

Number 8 comes in the form of MARIE ANTOINETTE, which fits into my category of movies that should be put on in the back of clubs and parties.*

Visceral, visual, dreamy, whatever. It looks great, but if you can tell me where the story points are, or rather, why you'd need to listen to anything that's said, then I'll be glad to hear it.

You could even watch this movie with just the soundtrack, which is brilliant, and have as rewarding an experience. The weird thing is, it's not bad, it's just not what you expect.

I dunno, Sophia Coppola seems to make movies like that, visually beautiful but with climax.

*Other movies that work for this - THE GRADUATE, Kenneth Brannagh's FRANKENSTEIN, and funnily enough, LOST IN TRANSLATION.


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