Friday, January 05, 2007

Hey you, get offa my cloud...

So, those four films huh? Well, three and a half if I'm being honest.

CASINO. Or GOODFELLAS 2. Nah, that's bollocks, it's a very different film, you just happen to have a similar cast and crew. Watching Scorsese film's is always a stressful experience for me. I'm always worried. This was no different.

CARLITO'S WAY. Got about half an hour into this and had to stop. It's not bad, don't get me wrong, but, well... First up, I have a feeling going back to back with CASINO was a big ask. Second, I got to the scene where Pacino is trying to meet up with his pre-gaol ex and ergh, I dunno. I wanted him on one side of the screen. I wanted a better colour palate. I wanted it in blue. Basically, apparently, I wanted it to be directed by Michael Mann. So I stopped and went out to rent...

MIAMI VICE. It's no HEAT. That said, it's actually not as bad as it's made out to be, you just need to have the subtitles on. Everything follows a pretty straightforward path, you just can't tell because everyone's mumbling.

So, to put me to bed and round out the day I watched THE BOURNE IDENTITY. BOURNE to me is travel. Weird huh? This is probably due to the fact that the furthest I've ventured from my home is, well, not very far, but yeah, BOURNE is travel.

The first film is squarely Europe, the second opens it up a little. More on this later maybe.


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